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Alex Davis is an outdoor enthusiast with an exceptional background in hunting, shooting, camping, and overall outdoor activities. He did his military service in the Israeli army, where he projected a higher level of technical competence, authority, self-confidence, enthusiasm, and zeal in doing what he knows how to do best. Throughout his military service in the Israeli Army, Alex proved himself as a force to be reckoned with, participating and supporting various military operations, such as combat, tactical training operations, humanitarian and disaster relief.

An evolving expert in his field, his experience in the military rubbed off on him, spawning the love he has for hunting, shooting, and overall outdoors lifestyle. Moreover, Alex chose to be an outdoorsman to express himself because this is the area that inspires him the most in life. He strongly believes that nature provides a lot of opportunity for self-reflection and introspection where you dissect your life, push your limits, and come to find that you’re capable of a lot more than you thought.

Throughout his career, Alex has been a frequent contributor to many industry leading outdoor, hunting and tactical training publications. Those who take the time out to get to know Alex would describe him as free-spirited, resilient, brave, innovative, a lover of knowledge, interesting, and as someone who won't give up on something he loves to do and wants to be.

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Alex Davis is a member of Air Guns Daddy's Expert Contributor Program, an exclusive, invite-only program for industry experts with a proven track record in airsoft, paintball or air-powered hunting field. 
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Alex Davis

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