Expert Contributor Program

for Air-Powered Shooting Industry Experts

Position yourself as an industry expert by sharing your expertise with our massive audience of airsoft, paintball and air-powered hunting enthusiasts!

What is Air Guns Daddy's Expert Contributor Program?

The Air Guns Daddy’s Expert Contributor Program is a unique opportunity for you, as an air-powered shooting expert, to have your informative and educational content published under your name on our popular online resource for airsoft, paintball and pellet gun lovers and enthusiasts. While allowing others to learn from your wisdom and experience, you also get your business exposed to potential clients and partners on website, our social media channels and the entire internet. Our Expert Contributor Program is completely free of charge for contributors, neither do we pay for the content you submit.

Advantages for Joining Our Contributor Program





Industry Expert Positioning

Our website is visited by thousands of airsoft, paintball and air-powered hunting enthusiasts each month looking for valid and up-to-date content about their favorite hobbies. 

Being that source of information who helps them learn and implement the advice they’re searching for, instantly positions you as a credible industry expert they can trust.

Being recognized as an authority figure in your industry, gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors by making your future clients seek out your products/services instead of you chasing them down to get more business!

Who Is Eligible to Apply?


We only accept content submissions from professionals who have a proven track record in airsoft, paintball or air-powered hunting field. To qualify, you must have extensive, first-hand experience and knowledge in your respective discipline and be able to provide a proof of your expertise and/or credentials.

Not Eligible

If you're an SEO or backlink building outreach agency who are offering either free or paid guest posts written by your copy writers in exchange for link placements, save yourself time and effort. We will automatically reject any content created by anyone without appropriate qualification but experts themselves.

How to Apply to Become Our Expert Contributor

Fully complete our application form below. Our editorial team won't review not fully filled out applications.
Our in-house editorial team will review your application and determine whether or not you meet our qualifying criteria.
If you are approved, one of our editors will contact you to coordinate your first content submission.

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