Content Editorial Guidelines and Quality Standards

Content Quality

At Air Guns Daddy, we treat the integrity and quality of our content very seriously. Our industry expert contributors, subject matter writers and editors create original, competent, accurate, insightful and engaging content that's free of any ethical concerns or conflicts. In case you ever come across a piece of content that you believe needs to be improved or corrected, please reach out to our editorial team by emailing [email protected].

Product Review and Rating Editorial Guidelines

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - to help our visitors and members make more educated purchase decisions in the shortest time possible while providing the best user experience.

Product Selection Process

Our editorial team closely monitor the market by listening to consumers' feedback, reviewing industry subject matter experts' insights, following manufacturers' product development direction and evaluating retailers' product sales activity. Based on our exhaustive and independent research, our editorial team comes up with a list of top products ready for a review of the industry experts and first-hand product users (the "Expert Contributors") we collaborate with. The Expert Contributors' professional feedback, insight and expertise makes up our curated list of product recommendations that is seen on our consumer product guides (the "Consumer Guides"). Visiting retailers of the recommended products by clicking links within our content, may or may not earn us commissions from your purchases. However, we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations, neither this affects our process of rating products. Read our earning disclaimer to learn more about our content monetization strategy.

Product Rating Process

No product manufacturer, retailer or brand dictates our rating criteria. The rating of the recommended products listed on our Consumer Guides is independently conducted by our editorial team based on the information obtained from industry experts and first-hand product users collected during our product selection process.

Why Trust Our Content's editorial team never takes free samples or monetary compensation from product manufacturers, retailers and/or brands for product inclusion and/or higher rating on our Consumer Guides. Our product selection, review and rating process is done independently from any product manufacturer. Besides other means of getting genuine product reviews, we do have a program which allows our Expert Contributors to receive free product samples from manufacturers in exchange to their honest, unbiased and objective opinion about a product, which is later on posted exclusively on regardless of its outcome (positive or negative). That being said, our Expert Contributors are not associated with any of the product manufacturers nor they are compensated for providing biased reviews, therefore ensuring unbiased and objective feedback of every reviewed product. Having this editorial approach to the product recommendation process allows you make smarter purchases and ultimately avoid buyer's remorse.

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